About Me

Hello Everyone.  I am Fahad Khan. When I am working I am a Project Manager / Technologist / Consultant,  or some combination of those three. When I am not, I like to consider myself a entrepreneur, artist and an adventurer.  I like to temper with the norm. I like to get out my comfort zone, I think that’s where the most fun lies. For some reason, I hate structure and love chaos, which is ironic, most project management practice tells you the opposite.

I idealize Bruce Lee in every possible way.  Something about a not so big, skinny Asian beating the crap out of everyone appeals to me.   I consider myself the ultimate knowledge seeker. I am always going to be a work in progress. I love to learn, so if you have anything you can teach me, then teach me.  I am also a book lover. I read anything and everything.  Right now I am reading Mastery by Robert Greene.